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Vision Nouvelle Biography

James Leger started Radio Vision Nouvelle in 1999 as an underground radio station to serve the Haitian American community in West Palm Beach, Florida.


Ever since, we've been informing, educating, and sharing news and the gospel with our rapidly growing audience 24/7.


We've also become a great beacon in the community by providing support to single moms, help families bury their loved ones, raise funds for charities, and more.


In 2010 Radio Vision Nouvelle transformed from its underground status to a commercial license radio station on WPOM 1600 AM.


After that successful transition, Radio Vision Nouvelle acquired WIRA 1400 AM and 104.9 FM in August 2016 to provide coverage for St Lucie County.


We also added Sugar 900 AM (WSWN) and 107.1 FM to broadcast and provide coverage for the Glades.


As of 2010, we decided to make charity an official and integral part of our core mission. Radio Vision Nouvelle founded Diaspo Family Relief, a non-profit organization that supports people who are in dire need in the Haitian community.



Tel: (561) 242-8155
Fax: (561) 623-7668

2161 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd. Ste. 305, West Palm Beach, FL 33509

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